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What foods should be avoided for a healthy smile?

A beautiful and healthy smile is determined mainly by a proper diet, a diet that helps us to have a bright smile and healthy gums.

A balanced diet, rich in nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin D is fundamental for our oral health. According to doctors, we have about five groups of food that affect our teeth.

The first category includes soft drinks, drinks containing simple sugars. The American Dental Association has conducted a series of studies showing the effects of soft drinks on our teeth. Simple sugars that go into these juices composition are decomposed by bacteria in the mouth, resulting acids which then lead to demineralization of tooth enamel and cavities. Even fresh fruit juices contain simple sugars and the more acidified the juice is, the bigger the intake of acids.

Sweets rank second with high concentration of refined sugar, also leading to increased levels of acid in the mouth. The most dangerous are considered to be the gummy candies and jelly sweets strongly adhering the surface of the teeth.

Starchy foods are also very harmful to oral health. Processed starch in bread, pastries, pasta, rice and potatoes affects the oral cavity and increases the concentration of acid. The only type of starch that does not endanger the tooth enamel is from uncooked vegetables.

Coffee, tea and red wine are included in the fifth category of harmful foods. Sweetened, they raise the acid levels, weaken the tooth enamel and stain teeth.